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Alex Alford

"Welcome to the Clerk & Comptroller's Office"


Please click here to view a current list of the Walton County CAFR. The CAFR is written for the financially-oriented reader who has a strong interest in an in-depth, detailed explanation of how funds are spent in Walton County. Please note: These are large documents.

Annual Citizens Report

Please click here to view the lastest Annual Citizens Reports for Walton County.
Fraud, Waste, & Abuse

To file a complaint, click here for the Fraud, Waste & Abuse Hotline.

Registration Form - Property Manager
Registration Form - Individual or Hotel

Online registration can be completed by filing out one of the above fillable PDFs, saving a local copy, & attaching it to an email to touristdevelopmenttax@waltonclerk.com. If you prefer to register manually, you may do so by printing and filling out the form and faxing or mailing it using the contact information found at the bottom of the instructions sheet.

New Owner Questionnaire

As we develop the profile of new property owners, we ask that you fill out the brief questionnaire above regarding the rental status of your property.


TDT Return Form

EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2014: The tax rate reverted back to 4%. To file manually, please fill the above form and mail it to our office at the address provided on the document.

REMINDER: Online filing is offered at www.touristtax.com/Walton. There are two major advantages of online payment. First, the tax due is calculated automatically. Also, timely online filers receive a collection allowance discount of 2.5% of the tax due up to a maximum of $30.00.


Rental Status Questionnaire           

In an effort to maintain our existing property owner profiles, we ask that you fill out the above questionnaire in the event that your rental status changes on the property (i.e. rentals will no longer occur, you will begin contracting with a property management company, you will begin managing your own rentals, etc.)