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Please click here to view a current list of the Walton County CAFR. The CAFR is written for the financially-oriented reader who has a strong interest in an in-depth, detailed explanation of how funds are spent in Walton County. Please note: These are large documents.

Annual Citizens Report

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Fraud, Waste, & Abuse

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Child Support

Effective March 5, 2001, all child support payments should be sent directly to the State of Florida Disbursement Unit , FLSDU, in Tallahassee. This change is part of a new process required by federal and state law to help improve child support collections.

Attention payors and employers: Checks payable to FLSDU must be clearly identified as Walton County cases with identifying case number.

Payments being submitted to FLSDU should be sent to:



State of Florida Disbursement Unit
P. O. Box 8500
Tallahassee, FL 32314-8500
For payment information, FLSDU can be reached at 1-877-769-0251 (toll-free).

Payment Information

Payments to all cases must be sent via the web service or to the FLSDU address above. To ensure prompt processing of mailed payments:

  1. Make your check payable to FLSDU
  2. Include your case number on your check
  3. Make sure you note that it is payment on a Walton County case.


For private non-IV-D cases in which payments are not being made, you may contact the Clerk of Court for information on contempt of court proceedings.

For IV-D cases that are enforced through the Department of Revenue, the payee is directed to contact his/her caseworker for enforcement assistance.

The toll-free number for Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement, is 1-850-488-KIDS (5437).

Drivers License Suspension

If your child support is not being enforced by the Department of Revenue, the custodial parent has to sign a petition to initiate drivers license suspension of the non-custodial parent. The fee assessed to the non-custodial parent is $25.00. The petition may be obtained in the Clerk’s office.

Notice of Delinquency/Judgments

When a non-custodial parent is 15 days delinquent in making a payment, the Clerk’s office shall serve a notice of delinquency on the non-custodial parent. The fee assessed to the non-custodial parent is $32.42.

Payments Made to Central Depository

If your case is not being enforced by Department of Revenue and the payments are paid directly to you, you may request the payments be made through the depository (FLSDU) if the payments become delinquent.

You may file an Affidavit Directing Payments Through the Central Depository, which may be obtained from the Clerk’s office, and send a copy to the non-custodial parent. After 20 days and if the non-custodial parent makes no objection, the clerk will send a notice to both parents that the payments are to be made to FLSDU.

Copies of Payment History

You may obtain a copy of the payment history in your case by requesting the copy from the child support office. The fee for the copies is $1.00 per page.