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Limited Access Beach/Launch Driving Permits

The Board of County Commissioners recently designated the Clerk of Court as the issuing agency for the limited access beach/launch driving permits. The ordinance allows Walton County resident real property owners and registered voters, who hold a permit as of the adoption of ordinance 2011-57, to renew their permits provided all other requirements are met. The ordinance also allows for an additional 150 permits to be issued via a lottery.  All inquiries regarding the lottery process or to make application for the lottery permits, please contact the County Administrator’s Office at 850-892-8155.

Beach Permit Application forms

Vehicle Beach Permit Ordinance 2011-57, effective March 22, 2011

Vehicle Beach Permit Ordinance 2013-04, effective January 22, 2013

Vehicle Beach Permit Requirements (quick guide)

Frequently Asked Questions

Application can be made for Vehicle Access and Boat Launch Beach permits at either branch office of the Walton County Clerk of Courts.  See the above Quick guide link for a listing of the requirements.

Permit Fees

$135.00 – Vehicle Permit – Allows 4-wheel drive vehicles to drive on the limited access areas of the beach only.

$40.00 – Boat Launch Permit – A permit that allows the launching of a boat. NOTE: This permit does not allow personal watercraft.

All permits expire on June 1 and the ordinance does not allow for pro-rated fees regardless of the purchase date.  

Beach Accesses

You may access the beach with your permitted vehicle at the following locations:

Grayton Beach: An area extending the distance of the beach described in the lease between Walton County and the State of Florida Internal Improvement Trust Fund/Bureau of Lands, Number 3884, dated October 1986.

Inlet Beach: An area extending from the West boundary line of Lakeshore Drive eastward for a distance of 66 feet.

Driving is prohibited from 10:00 p.m. until sunrise, with the exception of vehicles launching or recovering boats. All vehicles launching boats must be parked in the designated parking areas.

NOTE: Pursuant to Walton County Ordinance 2013-04, you may not launch a personal watercraft (i.e. Jet Ski, Wave Runner) from the beach access. Launching personal watercraft from County or State owned properties or park is strictly prohibited by the above ordinance.