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Alex Alford

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Please click here to view a current list of the Walton County CAFR. The CAFR is written for the financially-oriented reader who has a strong interest in an in-depth, detailed explanation of how funds are spent in Walton County. Please note: These are large documents.

Annual Citizens Report

Please click here to view the lastest Annual Citizens Reports for Walton County.
Fraud, Waste, & Abuse

To file a complaint, click here for the Fraud, Waste & Abuse Hotline.

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Your Walton County Clerk of Courts offers easy to use interactive forms through TurboCourt. TurboCourt takes the guesswork out of complex legal forms by asking the filer easy to understand guided questions, then TurboCourt automatically completes all necessary forms for you to print and file at one of the Clerk's convenient locations or file electronically via the Florida Courts e-Filing Portal and pay applicable filing fees. To get started please click here.